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Title: Cursed
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy Spy Thriller?
Wordcount: 478

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Icons contained in this post: [ 52 Seirei no Moribito Icons]

All icons were made from fanart found via tumbler, pixiv and deviantart.

[1] April
[9] Hei
[2] Huang
[4] November 11
[2] Mao
[1] Misaki
[3] Yin


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Icons contained in this post: [ 52 Seirei no Moribito Icons]

All icons were made from the title page inserts and features Balsa.


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Title: The Holy Knight Excerpts: Part 1
Characters/Pairing: Edwin+Edgar
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Rating: G
Word Count: 317

Summary: Edgar and Edwin, the two main characters of The Holy Knight series that Oz loves so much make an appearance! It's a benign scene. Just two grown men riding into town...

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Title: Uncle Oscar
Inspired by: This Prompt from the PH Kink Meme
Characters/Pairing: Oz + Uncle Oscar
Rating: G
Word Count: 467
Warnings: n/a

Summary: Introspective fluff piece of Oz's relationship with Oscar.

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Post here for a prompt request to be fulfilled... someday! If it's a fandom I'm not sure I know well enough to write, I'll let you know! Otherwise, pretty much anything goes.

Theme/Main Idea/Word Prompt:
Genre: (gen!fic, angst, fluff, anything goes?)
Max Rating:
Anything Else:

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Many of the below icons were made for roleplaying purposes for either myself or others, but feel free to use these however you'd like. Quality varies.

This post contains the following icons: [Total = 108 Icons]

Blood+ [5 Saya, 5 Diva as Riku, 10 Diva, 1 Riku, 2 Solomon, 12 Fanart (pixiv)]
Darker than BLACK (S1) [22 April, 1 Hei+Chiaki, 2 MI6, 5 Fanart (pixiv)]
Elfen Lied [7 Kuarama]
Kyou Kara Maou [20 Jennifer]
Skip Beat manga [16 Kyouko, 3 Moko+Kyouko]


| | |

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♫ Credit to [ profile] parsnip_chan or [ profile] seasoned_snips would be nice but not required.
♪ No hot linking please!
♫ Please do not use icons as bases.
♪ No textures were used in the above icons.
♫ All screen caps were taken by myself except for Skip Beat (various scanlators) and Kyou Kara Maou (KKM Screen Cap Archive)
♪ All icons were made using Paint Shop Pro Ultimate Photo X2 by Corel
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Made a few icons for roleplaying purposes earlier today and thought I'd share them. They aren't to fancy, but all are from Season 1 Darker than Black.

Samples: [16 - November 11, 1 Huang, 2 April, 2 Hei]

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♫ Credit to [ profile] parsnip_chan or [ profile] seasoned_snips would be nice but not required.
♪ No hot linking please!
♫ Feel free to use icons as bases.
♪ No textures were used in the above icons but all screen caps were taken by myself.
♫ Used Paint Shop Pro Ultimate Photo X2 by Corel
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So how do you make an icon post? First time icon maker here trying her hand at a few things so quality of the below are a bit all over the place. So, credit if you like although not required. This was mostly a test to see if I could do it. All of them come from the first 24 episodes with most from episodes 23 and 24.

Samples: [33 Diva-centric, 1 Riku]

| |

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Last updated 01/09/2012

# of One-shots/Drabbles: 93
# of Fanart: 1
# of Essays: 1
# of Chaptered Fics: 2 complete, 3 WIPs

Fic Request Post: Found here.

Fandoms: Bleach, Blood+, Claymore, Crossover, D.Grayman, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Ghost Hunt, Ghost in the Shell:SAC, Gundam Wing, Honey and Clover, Inuyasha, Junjou Romantica, Kanon, Kyou Kara Maou, La Corda d'Oro, Madlax, Noir, Original, Pandora Hearts, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Touka Gettan

Note: All fics/chapters written prior to April 2006 are linked to my personal LJ. Everything afterwards is linked to this fic journal. However, all fics have been resubmitted to this journal with links to [ profile] parsnip_chan for a complete memory list and also tag archive.

Awards and banners can be found here.

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Title: Intermission
Written for: [ profile] 31_days -09.20.2009 theme: Appealing to Emotions I simply do not have
Pairing: Hei/Conrart
Fandom: Crossover: Darker than Black/Kyou Kara Maou (In the Shadows-verse)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 594
Warnings: Rife with retrospection.

Summary: Hei's watching Conrart as they wait for their sparring grounds to clear.

Authors Notes: Hei's voice is still a bit elusive, but I figure I need to start getting it back. Written fairly quickly for [ profile] 31_days and edited up a bit.

Intermission )
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Title: When Push Comes to Shove
Written for: [ profile] lenainverse
Pairing: Misaki + Ishizaki (Darker than Black)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,131
Warnings: Women. Shopping. *shivers*

Summary: Misaki needs a dress for the annual policeman's ball and she was foolish enough to ask her childhood friend Ishizaki to not only come along as her guest, but to help her choose an outfit. Poor Misaki, she never stood a chance.

Authors Notes: This is yet another fic I had lying unpolished on my hard drive. I'm ashamed to admit that I wrote this last November, but it takes me a full year to recoup from Nanowrimo? /lame excuse. It was supposed to be a gift!fic for Lena, so I hope it still fits her mood despite requesting the character-centric fic so many moons ago...

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Title: Snuggles
Fandom: D.Grayman
Pairing/Prompt: Miranda/Lavi with implied Allen/Lenalee
Rating: PG
Word count: 881
Summary: Traveling by train is sure to get tiring and it just so happens Lavi wants to use Miranda as a pillow. Poor girl. What is she supposed to do?
Warnings: No warnings necessary as I left things pretty vague as to the time line. In fact, it probably could almost be considered AR considering the current Allen/Link connection is rather missing here.

Author's Note: I started writing this almost a year ago and finally got around to tidying it up and putting a few finishing touches on it. I think the aim I was going for was something cute and fluffy and a little bit silly so hopefully it reads as so. Concrit always welcome.

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Title: Over Coffee
Fandom: Blood Plus/Darker than Black
Pairing/Prompt: Saya/November 11
Rating: G
Word count: 194

Author's Note: Just a little bit of fun ^^ For lack of a better name, I named one of Diva's children 'Ginga.'

Over Coffee )
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Title: Morning Tea
Fandom: Ghost Hunt
Pairing/Prompt: Naru/Lin - Domesticity; the morning light through curtains
Rating: G
Word count: ~775

Author's Note: Constructive criticism is always welcomed and appreciated.

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