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Name:Sativa's Fanworks
Website:parsnip's livejournal
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[info]parsnip_chan writes and draws as her main hobby (besides watching anime/movies of course). So, to spare her f-list of all her stories, she created this community to collect them. It also makes it much easier to catalog and search for specific works of fiction for those who are interested in her writing even though I'm such a fickle poster that there probably aren't many.

In general, she DOES NOT own the rights to the anime/manga her fanfiction is based off of. She DOES own the rights to all works of original fiction where they are so labeled. Please do not repost any fiction or artwork elsewhere. Links to this community are allowed. This will ensure proper crediting of [info]parsnip_chan where it is due.

So far, Parsnip has written fics in the following fandoms:

Bleach - one-shots
Blood+ - one-shots
Claymore - one-shots
D.Grayman - one-shots
Darker than Black - one-shots (and crossovers with Kyou Kara Maou and Blood+)
Full Metal Alchemist - one-shots
Full Metal Panic - one-shots
Ghost Hunt - One-shots
Ghost In the Shell: SAC - one-shots
Gundam Wing - one-shots
Honey & Clover - one-shots
Inuyasha - one-shots and multi-chaptered (crossover with Kyou Kara Maou)
Junjou Romantica - one-shots (pairings, romantica, mistake, and egoist)
Kanon - drabbles
Kyou Kara Maou - one-shots
La Corda d'Oro ~Primo Passo~ - one-shots
Madlax - drabbles
Noir - one-shots
Original - one-shots and multi-chaptered
Tokyou Crazy Paradise - one-shots
Touka Gettan - drabbles

A list of all her currently posted fic can be found here. Awards and banners can be found at this postalthough she is woefully behind on updating it.

To anyone who'd like to drop a word to the author, feel free to do that in any fic post or the master fic-list or at her 'friends only' page. [info]parsnip_chan loves hearing constructive criticism as how else is she ever supposed to learn how to improve her writing? Plus, she'll freely admit it, some voices are just so dang hard to write!
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