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Title: Winter Musings
Characters/Pairing: Elliot/Leo
Rating/Genre: G, Fluff
Word Count: 398
Warnings: n/a

Summary: Inspired by this prompt, this fic is a short slice of life piece of Elliot and Leo heading to the lake to ice skate.

Winter Musings

"Ice skating?"

"Yes, we're skating!"


Elliot glared, throwing a look over his shoulder as he shouldered through yet another hedge, taking the short cut to the lake. If it wasn't for all that snow, he'd be there by now! But he didn't mind taking it slow, not really, if it meant that Leo continued to stumble behind him, cradling his own set of skates in his arms rather then slung over his shoulder like Elliot had them.

Seriously, what kind of man cradles a pair of skates?

Leo, that's who, and Elliot turned back around, facing forward and hiding his flush behind an expletive as a branch caught him squarely in the face.

A quiet laugh answered him and the warmth of a hand pressing into shoulder cut Elliot off mid-yell.

"It's just a branch."

Elliot bit his lip and nodded, moving slowly away from the offensive tree and cutting another swath through the snow, mind now preoccupied by that touch on his shoulder and the warm breath whispering in his ear.


"If you're tired, we'll head back." It's abrupt, and the lake is within sight, but he was suddenly, inexplicably feeling guilty for dragging Leo out there at all. A warm fire and a book were more his thing, not booking it across the pond. Kicking at the snow, he sent a fine mist of powder into the air, jerking, slightly, as it fell into his eyes.

"This is fine. I'll rest once we get there."

Elliot glanced over his shoulder again, catching a glimpse of Leo's profile as he gazed off into some far off distant place he couldn't reach. Not thinking, pretending that the strange twist of his insides was anything other than jealousy, he reached back and snagged Leo's hand. "C'mon, if we don’t get there soon, the ice will be half melted!"


Really, what was he going to do with Leo? If Leo happened to wander off...

No, he'd never let that happen. Never!

"C'mon, let's hurry. If we don't, we'll lose all the sunlight!" And even though he said that, he slowed down even more, still holding that hand and refusing to look back at Leo at all. So what if they lost a bit of daylight. This was even better then ice skating! And that answering squeeze of Leo's made Elliot think he felt the same way too.

Date: 2012-01-10 03:53 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] prefacing

my love for you right now knows no bounds. NONE.

the "what kind of man cradles his skates" line was my favorite. x3


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