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Title: The Holy Knight Excerpts: Part 1
Characters/Pairing: Edwin+Edgar
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Rating: G
Word Count: 317

Summary: Edgar and Edwin, the two main characters of The Holy Knight series that Oz loves so much make an appearance! It's a benign scene. Just two grown men riding into town...

The Holy Knight Excerpts

Now some might suppose that Knights, especially Holy Knights, rode in on their mighty steeds to slay demons and dragons and save men and women folk alike from a fate worse than death.

They would not be wrong.

But here tells a tale of two young men, one fair complexioned and one dark of hair that rode into town one day. One rode the horse, the other walked. It was a picture perfect moment, but alas, the fair women were all swooning mightily over the knight while he stoically watched his master amble along beside him, chatting, winking, throwing flowers right back at the fairest maidens and not minding at all that they were mistaking Edgar for Edwin and Edwin for Edgar.

He sighed, full of troublesome feelings and reined the grey dappled horse to a stop. “Please, Master, this has gone on far enough.” Edgar moved to dismount only to be met with resistance.

“Of course it hasn’t! The inn is still another three to six streets away. Come, you’ll ride.” Edwin patted his horse’s neck and winked up at Edgar.

Truly, his master was an idiot, but Edwin shifted uncomfortably and nodded, silent. “Very well, but only if on the morrow thou promise to ride in my stead.”

Ahem, Edwin was nothing if not formal.

“If you can walk.” Edgar would not have it.

“It is but a simple sprain. An evening’s rest will be all that’s required.” He’s stiff and even stiffer on the horse. His body was made for walking, not riding.

Edgar smiled, knowingly as he tugged on his faithful stead, Goldilocks and lead them ont their way.

And thus, the misassumption of who was who was perpetuated and this story became that of Edwin, the faithful knight and Edgar the triumphant valet and slayer of dragons! ‘Tis a befitting tale for two such friends, is it not?


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