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Title: Over Coffee
Fandom: Blood Plus/Darker than Black
Pairing/Prompt: Saya/November 11
Rating: G
Word count: 194

Author's Note: Just a little bit of fun ^^ For lack of a better name, I named one of Diva's children 'Ginga.'

Over Coffee

"You know you should just fuck him."

Saya kicked her niece under the table. "I'll do no such thing."

Ginga rolled her eyes and took another swig of her coke, glancing sideways at the man chatting it up at the counter behind Saya. "I don't see why not. He has a good sense of humor and one of the sweetest asses I've ever seen. You should definitely do him."

Saya covered her face in her hands and groaned at the heat suffusing every inch of her body. "Just shut-up," she whispered, her heart pounding at the thought of November 11, aka John Smith leaning over her, touching her, whispering sweet nonsense in her ears.

He'd have the cockiest smile on his face as he did it too.

Ginga grinned and leaned closer over the table. "And who knows, maybe you'll get pregnant since he's got Diva's genes in him. Just think, little November 11's and Saya's for me to take care of!"

Saya groaned again and vowed to leave Ginga behind the next time she was on a 'date.' It was better to fend off November 11's advances then get shoved headlong into them.

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