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Title: Snuggles
Fandom: D.Grayman
Pairing/Prompt: Miranda/Lavi with implied Allen/Lenalee
Rating: PG
Word count: 881
Summary: Traveling by train is sure to get tiring and it just so happens Lavi wants to use Miranda as a pillow. Poor girl. What is she supposed to do?
Warnings: No warnings necessary as I left things pretty vague as to the time line. In fact, it probably could almost be considered AR considering the current Allen/Link connection is rather missing here.

Author's Note: I started writing this almost a year ago and finally got around to tidying it up and putting a few finishing touches on it. I think the aim I was going for was something cute and fluffy and a little bit silly so hopefully it reads as so. Concrit always welcome.

Snuggles )
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Title: Propositioned
Author: [ profile] parsnip_chan
Requester: [ profile] firehawk05
Request: Kanda, Lavi, Cloud9, Cross
Genres: Light humor, light action, um…an attempt to give hints at future fic.
Rating and Word Count: PG, 1390 words

Summary: Faced with an execution, several of the exorcists (and scientists) staged a break-out and managed to free Allen from the Order's clutches. Days later, things seem almost normal while Lavi and Allen go head to head against an akuma, but Miranda isn't half as comfortable what with Cross distracting her from the battle at hand.

Notes: This was my first attempt at writing both Miranda and General Cross so I'm sorry if they're a little OOC. I'm still working on my interpretation of Cross's character and how to bring that across, but I think the rest of them are okay. I also hope you like Miranda since this is told from her perspective. Sorry if this wasn't quite what you were looking for in a fic.

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Title: Coffee Run
Author’s Name: [ profile] parsnip_chan
Requester’s Name: [ profile] flashslut/[ profile] empath_eia
Characters: Lenalee-centric with Komui/+ Lenalee connation and Fou/+Lavi, and Bak/Lenalee (all depending on how you squint)
Rating: PG13
Word Count: About 2,200
Squicks/Spoilers: Everything through Chapter 156. Incest, depending on your interpretation.

Author’s Note: I was originally going to do Miranda/Lavi but Plan A kept growing with every 200 words I wrote in plot and the deadline was fast approaching. So Plan B was devised instead (even though it still ended up at 2K words). I attempted to use humor but I'm not sure how well it works and if it doesn't work, well, sorry for making you read it XD I did try to leave all relationships ambiguous depending on how you'd like to interpret them.

Summary: Komui is wading his way through the science division backlog after the Level 4 smashed near everything to bits. With the rest of the division incapacitated, it's up to Komui to take up the slack and Lenalee's there to help him. Or at least get him coffee.

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Title: Left Behind
Author’s Name: [ profile] parsnip_chan
Requester’s Name: [ profile] flashslut
Characters: Bak-centric from Fou’s POV.
Rating: PG
Word Count: About 2,800
Squicks/Spoilers: Everything through Chapter 154.

Author’s Note: I tried to do a future!fic with back story elements but it ended up being Present!fic with some back story reminiscing. I expect the next manga chapter (155) will completely refute everything I just wrote here. I did reread the whole manga before I wrote this, but I could have missed some key backstory elements where Fou and Bak’s past are involved. If I did, sorry!

Also, concrit would be much love ♥ I haven’t written much in a while, let alone for D.Grayman so I fear I’m rather rusty.

Summary: Bak is MIA and Fou doesn’t like it one single bit.

Left Behind )

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Title: A walk in the woods
Fandom: D.Grayman
Wordcount: 1050
Characters: Lenalaee/Allen/Kanda/Tree stump
Rating: R
Warnings: Intentional bad porn

Author's Note: Written as a spur of the moment bad!fic for [ profile] tomoeish

A Walk in the Woods )

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