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Many of the below icons were made for roleplaying purposes for either myself or others, but feel free to use these however you'd like. Quality varies.

This post contains the following icons: [Total = 108 Icons]

Blood+ [5 Saya, 5 Diva as Riku, 10 Diva, 1 Riku, 2 Solomon, 12 Fanart (pixiv)]
Darker than BLACK (S1) [22 April, 1 Hei+Chiaki, 2 MI6, 5 Fanart (pixiv)]
Elfen Lied [7 Kuarama]
Kyou Kara Maou [20 Jennifer]
Skip Beat manga [16 Kyouko, 3 Moko+Kyouko]


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♫ Credit to [ profile] parsnip_chan or [ profile] seasoned_snips would be nice but not required.
♪ No hot linking please!
♫ Please do not use icons as bases.
♪ No textures were used in the above icons.
♫ All screen caps were taken by myself except for Skip Beat (various scanlators) and Kyou Kara Maou (KKM Screen Cap Archive)
♪ All icons were made using Paint Shop Pro Ultimate Photo X2 by Corel
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So how do you make an icon post? First time icon maker here trying her hand at a few things so quality of the below are a bit all over the place. So, credit if you like although not required. This was mostly a test to see if I could do it. All of them come from the first 24 episodes with most from episodes 23 and 24.

Samples: [33 Diva-centric, 1 Riku]

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Title: Over Coffee
Fandom: Blood Plus/Darker than Black
Pairing/Prompt: Saya/November 11
Rating: G
Word count: 194

Author's Note: Just a little bit of fun ^^ For lack of a better name, I named one of Diva's children 'Ginga.'

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