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Title: When Push Comes to Shove
Written for: [ profile] lenainverse
Pairing: Misaki + Ishizaki (Darker than Black)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,131
Warnings: Women. Shopping. *shivers*

Summary: Misaki needs a dress for the annual policeman's ball and she was foolish enough to ask her childhood friend Ishizaki to not only come along as her guest, but to help her choose an outfit. Poor Misaki, she never stood a chance.

Authors Notes: This is yet another fic I had lying unpolished on my hard drive. I'm ashamed to admit that I wrote this last November, but it takes me a full year to recoup from Nanowrimo? /lame excuse. It was supposed to be a gift!fic for Lena, so I hope it still fits her mood despite requesting the character-centric fic so many moons ago...

When Push Comes to Shove

Misaki pawed through the racks of clothing, attempting to find something worth purchasing, especially on her salary. Even though she was proud to be her father's daughter (It was the only reason she was able to afford her convertible. It was a gift for graduating the police academy.), she refused to use the credit card he had given her.

She was a police officer and she would live off a police officer's salary.

Even if it meant scrimping and saving every yen she earned just to afford the clothes on her back and the food on her table. Everything else went for gas and rent.

"This one looks cute," Ishizaki said, holding up a rather skimpy blue dress to Misaki's body. "I think you'd look stunning in this!"

Misaki grimaced and gingerly took the dress. It was a longer dress, which fit her criteria and it had slits that went up to the knees, another criterion fulfilled. If she needed to run anywhere in a hurry, she wanted full mobility even though she'd be wearing heals of all things.

Somehow, she always seemed to be at the right place at the right time in entirely the wrong outfit to deal with the situation. She still felt a little guilty; Misaki had never known Alice was so fragile, so unhinged.

Misaki pulled her mind back to the dress and not that night several months ago.

She frowned. The back was cut low, extremely low. She would have to go braless if she wore it and that was unacceptable. She thrust the gown back into Ishizaki's hands. "I don't think so," she said gruffly.

Ishizaki pouted. "But you'd look so good in it! And it fits everything else. It doesn't have sleeves so it won't restrict arm movement, it's got the slits, it fits loosely around your hips and calves so you can wear your gun, and it's stylish, classy, and will look gorgeous on you."

She started to push Misaki into one of the dressing rooms.

"Now try it on otherwise we're not leaving this store!"

Misaki blushed and banged on the door. "Just wait until we get out of here!" She wished that was true. Ishizaki had no shame, and besides that, she had already purchased her outfit weeks ago.

Ishizaki laughed. "You'll have to show me the dress first!"

Misaki slowly unpeeled her rather bland looking t-shirt off her body, followed by her bra, gun holder, and slacks. She kept her socks on for good measure. Gritting her teeth, she stepped into the dress and pulled it up.

Looking into the mirror, Misaki had to admit she didn't look half bad, but the back—it was too simply too much! She shivered as the air brushed her back which had a reaction on her front side too. She hastily pulled the fabric away from her body and shivered again from the cold.

Turning her back to the mirror, Misaki looked at her reflection and admitted the dress did flatter her. The back dipped only part way down her back and there were a few ties that crisscrossed in a loose approximation of coverage. It sneered at the thought the comfort of a few thing strips of fabric could convey.

Misaki clung to it.

Still, she wasn't about to step outside and expose herself and the dress in one shameless display. If she did, Misaki was 90% certain that she'd be forced to purchase it. She looked at the price tag hanging off the side and groaned. Way outside her budget.

"Well," Ishizaki asked from the other side of the door. Misaki cringed. An impatient Ishizaki was a bad thing, but sometimes a smug Ishizaki was worse. Which would it be in this case?

"Misaki…" Ishizaki warned, her voice low and threatening.

Misaki gulped and stepped out of the dressing room with her eyes shut and ready to be squeezed half to death. When nothing happened, she opened first one eye and then the other. Ishizaki was standing with her mouth agape and her eyes shining. And unlit cigarette fell from her hands, marking the seconds of silence that followed.

"You look gorgeous!" Ishizaki gushed after remembering how to speak. She spun Misaki on her heel. "Really, you look stunning. " She paused and grinned, looking down at the floor. "But the socks don’t really go."

Misaki groaned.

"But I can't afford it!" she said, half wishing that it wasn't a lie as she pulled herself away from Ishizaki. She could afford it, maybe, but Misaki was certain she'd be eating nothing but instant ramen and rice for the next month and a half. She was already mourning her palette.

"Yes you can," Ishizaki said, giving her the once over one more time. "I've seen how much you've got in your savings book, and you can definitely afford this dress."

Misaki frowned.

"That's for emergencies," she said, disregarding the truth in that statement. She hadn't touched a dime of it since graduating the academy except to repair her car when some fool decided to jump off a ten story building right on top of it. She had been off-duty at the time, but it hadn't stopped her from chasing him three blocks down the street.

Misaki suppressed her anger. She hadn't known about contractors then, but it still rankled that even after putting a giant giant dent in her car, the guy had still outraced her. Her ego had never been the same since, nor had her savings recovered from the damage.

Isaki tapped her finger against Misaki's chest, bringing her full attention back to the discussion at hand. "And this is an emergency," Ishizaki stated, all smiles. "You've got to look gorgeous for the policeman's ball as I'll be your attending guest!"

Misaki already regretted asking her old friend to save her from the officials her father would no doubt throw at her. She would have better luck hiding in a crowd in her usual get-up, namely a classic black jacket and skirt. With no one hovering around her, she could usually manage to slip away early.

"I'm saying no," Misaki hedged, shifting one foot slowly behind the other as she inched her way back towards the dressing room.

"You're getting it," Ishizaki growled, following after Misaki. Her eyes sparkled. "Now hurry up and take that off," she said, pushing an all too willing Misaki into the dressing room. "We need shoes next and I think some nice, open-toed black stilettos will be just the thing you need. If some random stranger decides to crash the ball, you can always just take off your shoes and use it as a weapon."

Misaki groaned again.

Never again, would she go shopping with Ishizaki. Never again…


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