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Title: Snuggles
Fandom: D.Grayman
Pairing/Prompt: Miranda/Lavi with implied Allen/Lenalee
Rating: PG
Word count: 881
Summary: Traveling by train is sure to get tiring and it just so happens Lavi wants to use Miranda as a pillow. Poor girl. What is she supposed to do?
Warnings: No warnings necessary as I left things pretty vague as to the time line. In fact, it probably could almost be considered AR considering the current Allen/Link connection is rather missing here.

Author's Note: I started writing this almost a year ago and finally got around to tidying it up and putting a few finishing touches on it. I think the aim I was going for was something cute and fluffy and a little bit silly so hopefully it reads as so. Concrit always welcome.


Haphazardly, Miranda's gaze darted wildly along Allen's form, from the tip of his head where he was leaning against Lenalee's side to his hand where it lied beneath hers. Both were fast asleep and looked as though fighting monsters were not a part of their everyday life.

They looked content and full of peace.

Miranda squirmed in her seat. She felt anything but peace. Her breath hitched as her slight movement allowed Lavi to snuggle closer against her side. His chin rested against the top of her head and his leg was thrown over her lap. One hand had dug behind Miranda's back until it could wrap around her waist and the other was curled around her neck, massaging it gently.

"Pillow," Lavi murmured, trying to wrap himself even more firmly against Miranda.

Miranda's skin flushed. "L—Lavi?" she whispered, her fingers twitching in her lap with the desire to move. She almost felt happy that she was useful as a pillow. People preferred to step over her or around her, not cuddle up close and refuse to let go. But this was just too much! She was unworthy and had never successfully completed a job that she knew of. At least on her own. Without help.

Miranda felt the blood drain from her face and coldness seep into her bones at the thought of previous failures. Yet another mark against her. She couldn't even provide a small ounce of warmth when it was sought.

She nearly wept, but restrained the urge. At least until she got Lavi off of her. Gritting her teeth, she whispered out of the side of her mouth. "I—I'm not a pillow, Lavi. I'm bony and thin and there's nothing soft about me and you'll wake up with a crick in your neck and you'll blame me and…and…"

Lavi squeezed Miranda tighter against his chest. Miranda lost her breath and her train of thought.

Gulping, Miranda turned her head to the side, her gaze sliding away from Lenalee's and Allen's sweet repose. Lavi's throat shifted into Miranda's field of vision, and she could feel the heat of his skin against her lips though she held herself back from nuzzling the hollow of his neck where it met his collarbone. She stared at his adam's apple instead, fascinated by the bobbing of his throat as he swallowed subconsciously.
"Lavi!" she wailed as softly as she could. She wanted Lavi to wake-up, not her friends. Miranda shifted against Lavi's arms trying to hold herself back from enjoying the warmth, knowing she was a leech and stealing it all seeing as her face was now flush and her body felt hot all over. She really wished she could just bottle what she was feeling up and hand it to him so he wouldn't have to cling to her unworthy body.

"Don't want to," he groused, tugging her head closer to his. Her lips brushed against his skin and Miranda groaned. Her heart was beating a million beats a minute, her face was burning up, and she couldn't breathe. His skin tasted like wood smoke and honey.

"Lavi!" she cried, pushing against his arm, terrified of tasting more of that heavenly taste. Bees whizzed through her stomach at the thought that she could.

Lavi cracked open an eye and glared. "You're being difficult." Lavi unwound himself—unwillingly— and turned to wedge himself into the corner of the window seat instead. Propping one leg up against the back of the seat, he snagged Miranda's arm before she could scoot away and tugged her back against his chest facing forward. His chin rested on the top of her head.

Miranda squeaked.

"Still not comfortable?" Lavi asked, still half-asleep.

Miranda's trembling was his only answer.

When dawn broke and the train pulled into the station, Miranda was grateful for Allen's and Lenalee's silence even though she could feel the weight of their gaze on her back as she refused to look at them. She knew her eyes were bloodshot. They often were, but she didn't want to admit why they were bloodshot this morning. She snuck a look over her shoulder at Lavi and cringed, nearly dropping her suitcase on top of her head.

He was massaging the back of his neck.

She sniffed. She had warned him, but she had also failed to pull away and she could have. But he had felt so comfortable…

She hid a shiver at the brush of cool air on the back of her neck from some stranger passing by their cabin.

She already missed his warmth and the steady thud of his heartbeat against her back.

Blushing, Miranda scurried out of the cabin ahead of her friends and knocking Lavi aside in the process. She would deal with him later, maybe. But first, she had to control the heat creeping up the side of her face.

Miranda flailed as she stepped off the train, nearly missing the last step.

She had a feeling she was never going to be quite comfortable around her new friends, despite the many harrowing adventures they had already been through. What in the world had she gotten herself into this time? Righting herself, Miranda couldn't help but feel a brief tendril of thrill creeping up her spine.


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